Class A Motor Home Review: 3 Reasons to Love These Luxury RVs

Have you been considering a Class A motor home but don’t know if it’s right for you? Class A motor homes are awesome RVs for many families, so take a look at our Class A motor home review below to see if it might be right type of RV for you!

Class A Review

Gas vs Diesel?

If excellent fuel economy is a primary feature you look at, you’ve come to the right place! We offer both gas Class A motor homes for sale as well as diesel Class A motor homes for sale. This is definitely something to consider when thinking about the miles you’ll be putting on your new or used Class A motor home. Thinking about the distance, frequency, and duration of your camping trips can help you decide whether gas or diesel is best for you.

Loaded with Luxury

Class A Review

One thing that Class A motor homes don’t ever skimp on is their luxury features! You’ll often find Class A motor homes with one and a half baths or even two full baths, double kitchens (indoor and outdoor), and plenty of options from bunk houses to lofts for large families – and beautiful master bedrooms. Class A Review

You’ll often find washer and dryer prep and multiple entertainment options as well, so all of your creature comforts are satisfied. Where smaller RVs provide smaller appliances and furniture, Class A motor homes can give you gorgeous, full-size everything so you can have maximum enjoyment.  

Class A Review

Maneuvering Size

Class A motor homes are long and narrow – usually ranging 20-45 feet long. Multiple slide outs in Class A motor homes give you the extra width and room to move once you’re parked.

Class A Review

Due to the shape and size of them, you’ll definitely want to take several test drives before hitting the open road. But once you have the hang of handling, we know you’ll love your Class A motor home! Another thing you may want to consider when you’re looking at the size of Class A motor homes is the possibility of towing another vehicle behind it for personal use once you’re parked.
We’d love to help you determine which of our new and used Class A motor homes for sale is perfect for you. Contact us today and we can help answer any questions or let you take a walk through these fantastic RVs!


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