Consign Your RV for a Fast and Easy Sale!

Do you have a pre-owned RV you’re ready to sell, but you’re not sure how? We make it easy! When you consign your RV through See Grins, we help you get top dollar for your used RV in a “For Sale By Owner” format. Learn more below about how to consign your RV!

Consign Your RV

Tell Us About Your RV

First, we’ll need some information about your RV. Fill out this quick and easy form here. We’ll need to know what type it is, along with the year, make, and model. Tell us a bit about the exterior, interior, and mechanical condition, along with any other details we should know. Did you upgrade the bed from a Queen to a King? Is the interior in great condition except for a small tear on a sofa cushion? Did you add any TVs? Do all appliances work but the microwave is a bit janky? You get the idea – all of these are helpful details to include and help us assess your RV consignment asking price.

Let Us Do the Work

We’re proud to be California’s premiere RV consignment dealer. And for good reason! We have an 87% consignment success rate!

Consign Your RV

You don’t have the time to stick your RV in your yard with a sign in the window and talk to countless people who want to look without buying. But our job is selling RVs – and you can trust our process to deliver a smooth, easy sale on your RV consignment.

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People sell their RVs for different reasons. Maybe you’re in a different season of life and ready to upgrade to a different RV that suits your needs better, or you simply don’t travel as much as you used to. Whatever your reason for needing to sell your RV, don’t let it sit and collect dust. Let us help you sell it quickly and successfully!

Consign Your RV

Do you have questions about consigning your RV? We’re ready to help. Contact us with any questions you may have or if you’re ready to consign your RV!

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