RV Camping Tips to Help Your Spring Camping Trips Go More Smoothly

If you’re starting to plan your spring camping trips, you’ll want to include these RV camping tips and hacks to make life in the great outdoors easier and smarter! Check out some of our top camping tips below.

Out With the Matches

There’s nothing worse than wet matches! Buy a flint lighter or ferro rod online so when you need to strike some sparks, you can without worry.

RV camping tips

Stay Warm!

Springtime camping trips can still be a bit on the chilly side in the late afternoons and evenings! My family can’t live without reusable handwarmers. They’re easily activated and reactivated, which is not only cost effective but environmentally friendly, too. You can search for reusable handwarmers online.

Save Space

Pack the space in your new or used RV efficiently. You can save space in your RV kitchen and pantry by portioning off smaller amounts of spices and seasonings instead of bringing full size bottles. Store a few teaspoons of the spices you regularly use in empty TicTac containers, for example, or in small food storage bags that are all kept together in a small container. Speaking of food storage bags, prep meals like soups and stews in gallon size bags and freeze flat ahead of time. Meals become instantly more packable instead of large, lumpy bags or loose ingredients filling up the pantry.

RV camping tips

Be Smart and Safe

Keep a small emergency first aid kit packed that you can keep easily accessible in a backpack. Also, pack it in a waterproof box. Some suggestions to include:

  • Assortment of first aid kit items and bandages
  • Packable rain ponchos
  • Ferro rod
  • Emergency whistle
  • Emergency reflective blanket
  • Emergency whistle

RV camping tips

Keep a Good Charge

A go-to item the hikers in my family can’t live without is a solar powered device charger. It easily clips to your backpack, and charges as you hike on a sunny day, giving you enough power to charge your phone. We know you probably want to enjoy connecting to nature instead of your phone while camping, but it’s a great resource to have for emergency purposes.


We hope these RV camping tips help your upcoming trips go more smoothly! Contact us today if we can answer any questions about our new or used RVs for sale!

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