Three Great Camping Games for the Whole Family

Need some good camping games to have in your back pocket? These are some of my favorite outdoor games and activities to use with my own kids, and I hope yours will enjoy them too! Best of all, they require very few supplies in order to play. Let’s get playing!

Fire Tender

All you’re going to need for this is a blindfold and a bunch of sticks, so it can double as a kindling-gathering game. When you’re done playing, toss the sticks into your kindling!

Camping Games

Here’s how to play:

One child sits blindfolded with a lot of sticks around him. Other players should sneak up and try to steal a stick from those around him and return to their spot. If the blindfolded child thinks he hears something or someone, he should point in that direction. If a stick-thief is caught, they have to return the sticks to the pile. The child with the most retrieved sticks at the end wins!

Glow Ring Toss

Pack along a few packages of glow stick necklaces. Form them into circular rings and toss them like ring toss/horseshoe toss once it gets dark. Assign different colors to each person, or assign different point values to different colors. Have fun!

Camping Games

StarTracker App

This isn’t exactly a game, but it is fun! One particularly fantastic app I have on my phone is the StarTracker app. The initial version is free, but you can purchase a full version with loads of extra features for just a few bucks. This is a great tool to learn about the constellations and various planets. It’s also interactive and synced to your device location, so you can easily point your phone at any star or star grouping and have the app identify it. On starry nights with a campfire, this is a fun and educational app to use that the whole family can enjoy. Look for the StarTracker app in your app store.

Camping Games

What are some of your favorite camping games? I like these because all you need to play any of them is either your phone or a pack of glow sticks, which sure won’t take up much room in your new or used RV. If you’re planning to vacation with your kids or grandkids and need some RV service or shopping assistance before getting on the road, we can help. Contact us today!

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