Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Campers

Looking for Christmas gifts for campers? You’ve come to the right place! Check out our top 10 gift ideas for RVers and anyone in your life who loves to travel! The links below are not affiliate links and we don’t receive any compensation for the recommendations. Find the products at the links provided or at the retailer of your choice.

RV Décor

Anyone who’s shopped for a new or used RV knows there are countless ways to customize it or options to consider that make it truly yours. But nothing beats personal touches to really make it feel like home – and some thoughtful RV décor like a boho entryway floor mat, a “Happy Camper” throw pillow, or a waffle weave throw blanket in their favorite color to make the living area cozy.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Campers

Mini Appliances

One thing to be considerate of when buying Christmas gifts for campers is that space is a precious commodity in most RVs. That means there’s not much room for luxury items. So if you’re going to have space for something, you really want to make it count – like a portable mini wine fridge which takes up less than 1 cubic foot of space.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Campers

Outdoorsy Gadgets and Gear

Practical gear and gadgets will always be popular with people who love being outside! Think lightweight tree hammocks, a waterproof firestarter kit with ferro rod, and packable jackets. For gadgets that are cool and tremendously practical, grab a portable power bank or a solar charger to keep devices charged. Yes, part of the point of connecting to nature is disconnecting from technology, but these are great items to have on hand for emergencies.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Campers

The One Size Fits All Gift

One of the best Christmas gift ideas for campers is a gift card to our RV parts and accessories store. This is truly the one size fits all gift – because it lets them pick out exactly what they need for their new or used RV just when they need it (the wish list can change from season to season!). Contact us today – we can get you squared away with an RV parts gift card for your favorite camper!

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