Top 4 Reasons to Go Camping in the Fall

Summer is the classic time of year for vacations, but camping in the fall can’t be beat! The weather is mild, crowds are down, and beautiful colors are everywhere you look. Here are the top reasons you should go camping in the fall.


It’s Not Hot Anymore

Pretty self explanatory. If heat and humidity are your enemies, camping in the fall is your ticket to a wonderful vacation! It’s also a great way to enjoy the beautiful sights of southern regions that may be stunning in their views but oppressive in their heat. Say goodbye to the “air you can wear” and say hello to crisp, cool days and nights!

Camping in the Fall

Speaking of the View…

It’s beautiful in the fall! If you’re a fall foliage junkie, this is your time to feast your eyes on fall color. Plan a trip to climates and regions that are famous for their foliage – even the New England area. Yes, it’s a long trip…but what are RVs for?

Camping in the Fall

Lower Rates and Lower Crowds

As the high season of summer winds down, you can enjoy the perks that traveling in the fall affords: namely, lower rates to almost anywhere (campgrounds, parks, tourist attractions) and smaller crowds. Do a little research before you go to see if there’s an advantage to certain attractions or campgrounds if booked on certain days of the week (weekdays are often cheaper than weekends). You’ll be glad you did!

Camping in the Fall

More Wildlife Sightings

As temperatures lower, wildlife goes on the move, spreading out to forage for food and stockpile either their winter food reserves or their winter fat reserves. As a result, more wildlife activity = more opportunities for you to spot them.

Camping in the Fall

Are you convinced yet? Start packing your bags and making a list of all the places you’d love to visit this fall. And contact us today to visit us first – we’d love to help you pick out a new or used RV for all of your adventures!

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