Which Motor Home Is Right For Me?

If you’re shopping for a new or used RV and wondering “which motor home is right for me?” you’ve come to the right place! We can help you pick the perfect motor home to suit your family’s needs. Read more about the differences between Class A, Class B, and Class C motor homes below, which will help as you browse all of our motor homes for sale.

What’s The Difference?

Motor homes certainly have plenty of differences between Class, but a quick visual can help you figure out which Class  of motor home you may be interested in.

For starters, Class A motor homes look like large rectangular boxes on wheels. They typically start at least 20 feet long and may range up to 45 feet long. Class A motor homes frequently have multiple slide outs that offer you extra interior width. Class A motor homes also typically offer the most luxury of motor homes, and thanks to their size, are easily able to accommodate large families with plenty of space. Our Jayco Precept 36A for sale does just that!

Which Motor Home is Right for Me
Class A motor home amenities frequently include upwards of a bath and a half or even two full baths, and often exterior luxury such as outdoor kitchens and entertainment. If you’re wanting fully loaded luxury, look no further than our Class A motor homes for sale!

Class B motor homes are also often referred to as camper vans, and typically range 18 to 24 feet long. Class B motor homes are absolutely ideal if your family size is smaller or you only need sleeping space for a few people, and they often are equipped with an interior wet bath for your convenience, but you may also choose a model with an outdoor shower for your convenience. One Class B motor home you’ll love is our gorgeous Winnebago Solis 59PX for sale.

Which Motor Home is Right for Me

Browse all of our Class B motor homes for sale here.

Finally, a Class C motor home has the iconic “shelf” over the cab, and offer a great compromise between Class A and Class B options. Their size typically runs between the two, usually ranging 20-30 feet, and frequently offer a couple of slide outs as well as sleeping accommodations for families of all sizes. Class C motor homes also typically offer galley kitchens (as do Class B motor homes) with smaller, space-efficient appliances without skimping on quality. Our Thor Motor Coach Chateau 24F for sale is a great example of space-efficient luxury!

Which Motor Home is Right for Me

Take a look at all of our Class C motor homes for sale here.

Fuel Economy Comparison

When you’re looking to compare fuel economy in motor homes, you can generally expect to rank them as follows:
Good: Class A
Better: Class C
Best: Class B

Which Motor Home is Right for Me?

Ultimately, that’s up to you, but we’d love to help! Deciding on a motor home – or any new or used RV – is a big decision, but we can help make it easy. Think about your family’s size and the comforts and conveniences you want while on the road – then contact us! We can help you choose the perfect motor home that’s right for you!

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